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Advanced Public Safety Diver

UCI's Advanced Public Safety Diver is the last of our "rescue" oriented courses finishing up on away from shore rescues and vehicle related rescues. As you know the Public Safety Diver course covers near shore rescue attempts, self-rescue, other PSD rescue and non-diver rescues attempts. But, what if the rescue is further out where an arc search can't reach or what if it's vehicle related and someone's trapped in a submerged vehicle. That's where we come it!

UCI builds on the Public Safety Diver course's foundation. Keep in mind our Public Safety Divers have the highest foundational certifications in the world. We start teaching divers at the Rescue Diver level. All other PSD training companies teach divers at the Open Water level. Did you know that the Open Water Diver is just a polite way of saying "Basic Diver" which is what that certification used to be called!

Topics include:

  • Away from shore rescue search patterns

  • Boat based operations

  • Vehicle Entry Dynamics

  • Vehicle related rescue attempts

  • Victim inside vehicle rescues

  • Victim outside vehicle rescues

  • Pony bottles and bailout systems

  • Diver emergencies and response

  • Intro to evidence recovery

The Advanced PSD course also is an introduction into law enforcement recovery diving. This course takes the divers search skills which include the arc and circle search patterns and teaches them how to use these patterns in a recovery mode, how to mark and collect evidences and prepare them for the more advanced Underwater Criminal Investigators course.

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